#ReadJesus Challenge

Jesus 3

Examine all four Gospels and begin a Jesus conversation with family and friends. Read or listen to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are the primary sources for Jesus. Start with one chapter a day. You will never regret doing so!





  • musaazi julius

    “Jesus’ life was a challenge” discuss

  • http://www.primarysourceproject.org PrimarySourceProject

    It is amazing to me how many folks have such strong opinions on religion and the Bible and yet have never read through even the Gospel stories. Jesus said and did so many amazing and challenging things. I am surprised that in such an enlightened time in history, so many people are in the darkness of ignorance concerning Jesus.

  • Frank Howell

    To know and follow Jesus, reading Matthew, Mark, Luke & John is essential. For years I considered myself “saved” yet I didn’t even know what was meant by the term “the sermon on the mount”. But after reading Matthew chapters 5 thru 7 for myself instead of relying on what I heard others say about it, your proposition that people need to read Jesus for themselves makes perfect sense.