How God Introduces Himself


God has chosen since the first coming of Jesus to introduce Himself as a man. Being an eternal Spirit and the creator of our universe He is way more than just a man, but that is how He first introduces Himself. When I introduce myself to people it has a practical purpose but also an unspoken limitation on information. As I introduce myself to a new neighbor, personal info comes on a need to know basis. The fact that I have lived in this house for 23 years is more helpful in establishing a relationship than my opinions on child discipline. Although that is part of who I am and may well come up when his kids torment the neighborhood animals. Jesus is God’s way of introducing Himself to the cosmos. He even says as much in the first 3 chapters of John and chapter 1 of Colossians. The fact that God loves the world is paramount. Yet His commandments concerning our fellowship with lazy and contentious people in the church are part of how we are instructed to live.

For some strange reason we often introduce ourselves through issues of hostility rather than the hand shake of rapport. Jesus built a conversational rapport with the Samaritan woman at the well through humility and curiosity before He let her see the issue of her sin. She was captivated by the conversation and His concern for her as a person! The man Jesus must precede the eternal Logos or the book of Leviticus. People need to see Jesus the kid, the laborer, brother, cousin and friend. Later when He tells the storm to be still, they will be just as shocked as the disciples were. They will draw their own conclusions, I did!