Awkward Moments


Why can’t our normal conversation have Jesus slip in and out of the dialogue? His name always seems to stumble in like an awkward teenage boy expressing his first love. Am I ashamed of Him? Am I embarrassed for the other person? Fearful of rejection or a response of dead silence? Or could it be just a lack of regular self talk. What if Jesus was a constant part of my internal conversation and a readily familiar source of metaphors. I could make a habit of talking about my life using His stories and sayings, but then I would actually have to read them. The forced, painful, religious weirdo feelings begin to fade and a new normal takes stage. As I become comfortable with my own skin, others do also. Human rapport is built in a series of comfortable interactions that break down defenses. If the fearful anticipation of a religious ambush is lurking around the corner for either party it steals the joy of future conversation. Just be natural. Don’t be weird. Jesus can be a normal conversation. Lower your expectations and allow Him to do the heavy lifting.  #ReadJesusChallenge

  • Justin Nichols

    Excellent post my friend. One reason for this is mentioning Jesus’ name is making a very bold statement about your worldview – and sadly, people rarely practice how they say things. A bold statement made without confidence turns into “weirdness”.