What is the Primary Source Project?

The Primary Source Project is a challenge to everyone: Read the four primary source documents concerning the historical Jesus of Nazareth – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Christianity has been dismissed by many as irrelevant or irrational. Buried in the distractions and the confusion of the Christian religion is the man Jesus. The thirty-something year old Middle Eastern Jew from Nazareth, a historical man with fingerprints, family and a divine message, Jesus. The billions of Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox all agree on Jesus and the four Gospel accounts that give us an accurate picture of who He is.
The goal of this project is to challenge everyone to read all four Gospel narratives. They are the only primary sources for the life of Jesus of Nazareth. People can then decide for themselves about the claims made by Jesus and make intelligent, spiritual and well informed conclusions. Personal ideas about Jesus based on secondhand information or hearsay are abundant. The Biblical Jesus from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is our focus and our only hope.

Gos•pel n.\gäs-pəl\ lit. Good News!